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Ningbo Bei Chi Children Products Co. Ltd. is a R & D design, production, sales and service in one of the professional baby supplies manufacturers, the main products are childrens car safety seat, dining chair for children, the game bed, baby products.
安全舒適: 引進德國高端技術,專業的設計團隊,獨特的設計, 每一款產品都通過歐洲法律法規及相關測試要求,取得合格的、權威的測試報告。
高端的品位: 注重產品的外觀設計,材料材質的選擇,關注產品每一個細節。
可靠的質量: 擁有完善的質量控制體系,專業的品質控制人才,嚴格把關每一生產環節保證產品的安全性能,做到讓寶寶開開心心,父母一百個放心。
BeiChi made a series of remarkable achievements, at home and abroad to obtain a plurality of authentication and certificate
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